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Facial mask to the skin of the head

prevents falling out
  • stimulates growth of hair
  • regenerates hair roots
  • liquidates dandruff and seborrhoea

Green Cambrian Clay + protein of silk

A regenerative facial mask to the skin of the head. To oversaturated with fat hair, prone to falling out.

This facial mask contains the wealth of priceless minerals for the health of the skin of the head.
It works regeneratively and refreshingly on hair roots. It cleans the skin deeply, absorbs excess of sebum, unhealthy microflora, toxins and the harmful ions of metals ubiquitous in the dirtied environment, counteracts the inflammable states of the skins of the head also with coexisting seborrhoea and dandruff

Contained in the facial mask the protein of the silk „the hair in the liquid" perfectly replenishes the shortage of natural components which build the structure of the hair, assures the effect of deep moisturizing, silky gloss and the healthy appearance of the hair.



Facial mask to the skin of the head

Green Cambrian Clay+Jojoba Oil + Protein of Silk

The unique formula of the mask lies in its high content of green Cambrian clay (98%). It deeply cleanses skin, regulates sebum production by hair glands and reduces hair greasiness. The mask nourishes and regenerates hair follicles and soothes scalp irritations. Silk protein, which is called "liquid hair" and Jojoba oil perfectly supplement the deficiency of natural components in hair structure. They provide deep hydration while giving your hair a silky feel, shine and healthy look.

Green Cambrian clay is an organic mineral originated from deep earth deposits. It is the most precious clay for skin care because of its unique composition of minerals and its high effectiveness. It contains ‘minerals of life': about 22 minerals including silicon, aluminium, phosphor, calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium and copper.

The clay naturally cleanses skin and stimulates the process of skin regeneration.

Directions for use: Apply a thick layer massaging over damp scalp. Leave on skin for 20-30 minutes until the mask dries out. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, apply 1-2 times a week. For intensive treatment, apply daily.