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The Extraction And Processing Of Cambrian Green Clay For Skin Care

We take every care to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, a fact that has been recognized with numerous awards and certificates.

Dermaglin cosmetics are all based on green Cambrian clay, genetically the oldest sedimentary rock on earth, which came into being in the "great Cambrian biological explosion" that took place 570 million years ago. Its invaluable ingredients and properties have been preserved unchanged thanks to the overlap of tectonic slabs. Life emerged from Cambrian Clay throughout millions of years of evolution. The content of micro- and macro-elements in the clay is analogous to the ingredients of live organisms on our planet, which makes it essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. The clay has been for centuries regarded as a "catalyst of health recovery processes" and it cannot be substituted for with any other synthetic product. Dermaglin products stand out for the high content of pure clay and also the innovatory technology of combining its medicinal properties with valuable herb extracts, and the minimal addition of preservatives, which helps our products to maintain their "natural product" status