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Why is Green Cambrian Clay so powerful remedy?

Green Cambrian Clay contains, in principle, all macro-and microelements necessary for a human being, such as: silicon, phosphorus, iron, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminium, zinc, copper, selenium, etc. More important, they are present in Cambrian clay in the form which is easily absorbed by the human body. High content of all these elements in Cambrian clay makes it an ideal source for the supplementation of their deficiencies in the body.

Cambrian clay has also unique adsorbing and absorbing properties. It is due to its electrical properties. Clay has extremely negative charge and attracts toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungi as the majority of them are very positively charged. Clay catches and locks in all toxic substances and pathogenic microorganisms from the body and provides a function of a barrier for the chemical agents. It acts as antiseptic and antibiotic at the same time. Clay stops bacteria from multiplying and activates natural body defence mechanisms. Disinfecting properties of Cambrian clay have been confirmed by numerous studies. Doctors recommend clay to be used in a form of paste, ointment or dusting powder for different skin conditions (ulcers, burns, swelling, etc.).

By crushing and mixing clay with water, a thick suspension is obtained which is suitable for baths, wraps, masks, etc. Most naturopaths consider clay as having a positive effect on the human bio field - that is why it is so effective.

These are quotations of some opinions of people living in the area where Cambrian clay is extracted: 


  • "It is well known that clay does not contain any bacteria. It absorbs liquid and gaseous toxins, odours, kills pathogenic microorganisms. It neutralizes smell of rancid butter and other perishable food." 
  • " Carrots, beetroot, turnips, potatoes will not rot during winter, if before storing they were immersed for a few seconds in a solution of clay and then left to dry out." 
  • " If you wash your head with clay and water (add water to a small amount of clay), the dandruff disappears." 
  • " Put clay solution on a cloth and rub your teeth, the gums will no longer bleed, and your teeth will be whiter."
  • " Put powdered clay on a toilet paper and you will not suffer from piles." 
  • " Rinse your eyes with water collected from the surface layer of the clay to heal the inflammation of the eyes or eyelids." 


In alternative medicine clay is used more extensively for the treatment of various diseases including cancer, leukaemia, benign tumours, polyps, inflammation of lymph nodes, anaemia, headaches, atherosclerosis, paralysis, epilepsy, brain diseases, ear infection, eye diseases, diseases of female sexual organs (inflammations, prolapse of the uterus, polyps, cysts, irregular period, vaginitis), diabetes, diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, constipation, intestinal colic, enteritis, prolapse of the rectum, haemorrhoids), hepatitis, jaundice, kidney diseases, bladder dysfunction, heart diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleuritis, tuberculosis, cough, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal bleeding, sore throat, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, erysipelas, warts, ulcers, bedsores), alopecia, rickets, arthritis, injuries (contusion, sprain, fractures, stretched ligaments, wounds) and other diseases.

Clay is recommended for everybody regardless the diagnosis because it is natural and effective. It normalizes metabolism, heals, due to its own therapeutic properties, but also enhances effectiveness of other therapeutic methods - medication, herbs, homeopathy or surgical treatment.