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Dermaglin deals with taking of and processing of cambrian clay. Because of its great value, it is known for a thousands years as a wonderful raw material in cosmetic salons, SPA and Wellness. Clay base and pure herbal abstracts are the most important ingredients of Dermaglin cosmetics. All of the products are pure natural and odour less.

  • Product 100% natural 
  • All masks have been tested dermatologically 
  • Non-perfumed.



The cleaning-nutritious facial mask

  • cleans deeply and nourishes
  • mproves the form of the skin
  • gives the skin a velvet smoothness

Green Cambrian Clay + silk + jojoba oil

For every kind of skin

This professional facial mask is recommended for the nurturing of skin with lowered firmness, rough or exacting of thorough cleaning. It cleans the skin deeply, softens and soothes irritations and prevents the formation of skin changes. It works remarkably refreshingly and regeneratively. 
It delivers nutritious components mainly macro and microelements essential for the health of the skin. It strains, gives firmness and smoothes the skin (gentle lifting).

Thanks to the protein of silk and oil jojoby the facial mask protects the skin from drying, moisturizes suitably and is useful its velvet smoothness. 

It visually improves the appearance and the oval of the face.



Anti-acne facial mask

  • liquidates pimples
  • reduces seborrhoea
  • works anti-inflammatorily

Green Cambrian Clay + Aloe Vera + Oat

Complexion fat and mixed, proneness to pimples

This facial mask on the base of green cambrian clay absorbs dirt and toxin delivering valuable minerals for the health of the skin instead. A bioactive complex of clay and Aloe Vera cleans, nourishes and regenerates. Beside reducing seborrhoea and narrowing pores, it also peels old epidermis.
It influences the decrease of acne, pimple and brakes the formation of new changes. In addition, it softens and soothes irritations.

This is the perfect supplement of the treatment of the acne skin.



Anti-wrinkle facial mask -

  • smoothes wrinkles
  • gives firmness and elasticity
  • cleans and nourishes

Green Cambrian Clay + Ginkgo Biloba + Green Tea + Jojoba

Dry Complexion of exacting intensive nurturing

This facial mask on the base of green cambrian clay absorbs the dirt and toxin delivering valuable minerals for the health of the skin instead. It contains the extract from Japanese Ginkgo Biloba - one of the strongest vegetable anti-ageing materials in the world. The complex of gray and herb ideally cares, nourishes and regenerates the skin. It improves blood supply. It smoothes wrinkles, liquidates overcolouring and reduces the visibility of cracking vessels. Besides peeling dead cells it also softens and soothes irritations.

The effect of facial mask acting is smooth, nourished and gentle to the touch skin.



Facial mask - peeling -refreshing

  • peels dead epidermis
  • smoothes and nourishes
  • softens and soothes irritations

Green Cambrian Clay + cucumber + jojoba oil

For every kind of skin - face, neck, decolletage

This facial mask of a new generation is based on green cambrian clay possessing therapeutic proprieties. Contained in the clay micro granules of silicon and aluminum gently peel the dead epidermis, clean the skin from excess of sebum, unhealthy micro flora and toxins revealing healthy and smooth skin. They improve blood supply.

Soften inflammable states, restoring mineral balance.

This facial mask contains the extract from the medical cucumber, which refreshes and regenerates the skin.

The complex of clay and cucumber perfectly improves a form of the skin restoring its health and natural beauty.



Facial Mask from Clay (powder)

  • Cleans deeply
  • nourishes and cares
  • polishes wrinkles
  • softens irritation

Green Cambrian Clay

The Green Cambrian Clay - essential minerals for the health of the skin. It cares unusually effectively, nourishes and regenerates the skin. It works anti-inflammatorily, soothingly. It peels old cells, polishes wrinkles. It influences the decrease of acne, pimple and brakes the formation of new changes.

The dry, tired and flabby complexion: Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil to powdered clay (10g). (or interchangeably half egg yolk and 2 drops of oil)

The fat complexion with acne and pimples: Add approx. 2 teaspoons of mineral water to powdered clay (10g).

Mix (temper) the components of the mask to obtain a smooth mass (the consistency of paste).




  • eliminates acne
  • cleanses pores
  • reduces seborrhea


Natural and concentrated minerals derived from Green Cambrian Clay, with mattifying effect designed for oily skin and for combination skin with acne tendency. Bio mask deeply purifies the skin, absorbs secretion excess of sebaceous glands, removes horny epidermis, effectively works against acne alterations and levels skin colour. After applying on a face, it is distinctively sensible the effect of shrinking, which causes reducing of enlarged pores. Mineral complex, contained in Green Cambrian Clay, mainly zinc and copper regulate sebum production. Chamomile extract appeases flushings, Arnica produces anti-inflammatory effect and acts soothing. Easily absorbing by skin Jojoba Oil leaves the skin smoothed out.

Application: 1 - 2 times a week apply thick mask layer. After 20 minutes wash with warm water. Depending on skin needs, the mask can be used for one or two usages.




  • reduces wrinkles
  • restores firmness
  • calms and invigorates


Bio Mask basing on harmonic combination of Green Cambrian Clay minerals, natural plant extracts and Hyaluronic Acid. Brings out immediate lifting, smoothing and regenerating effect. Effectively eliminates bags under the eyes and smoothes mimic wrinkles. Naturally strengthens the skin, supplying it with indispensable macro and micro elements. Contains Ginseng - the panacea for all possible skin troubles, demonstrating highly rejuvenating, firming effect and stimulating the regeneration of epidermis. Nourishing Jojoba Oil makes the skin exceptionally smooth and soft. Hyaluronic Acid - the most valued moisturizing ingredient - binds the skin's water, restores its firmness and elasticity.


1 - 2 times a week apply thick mask layer. After 20 minutes wash with warm water. Depending on skin needs, the mask can be used for one or two usages.






Innovative complex of "life minerals" derived from Green Cambrian Clay, valued herbal extracts and skin building ingredient - collagen. The Bio Mask ensures profound regeneration, effectively counteracts age related getting slack of skin and wrinkles appearing. Collagen improves proper skin functioning, gives unusual firmness and elasticity and brings back youthful vitality. Hyaluronic Acid - one of the most powerful moisturizing factors used in cosmetics - which binds water in epidermis prevents senile skin ageing. Nourishing Jojoba Oil contains lipids and vitamin E, controls skin preventive coat, demonstrates regenerating and slightly greasing properties.


1 - 2 times a week apply thick mask layer. After 20 minutes wash with warm water. Depending on skin needs, the mask can be used for one or two usages.



• Cleanses and nourishes skin
• Appeases irritations
• Soothes and chills

Green Cambrian Clay + Aloe + Mint + Chamomile


Spot Application Bio Mask

biomaseczka_women_640Bio Mask for spot usage - the only, especially effective product against acne, based on natural ingredients, designed for skin: demanding, oily and mixed. Brings immediate effect and ease for spots afflicted with acne, pimples, nest-eggs, painful inflammation, edema and blushing. Concentrated formula, based on (99.8%) Green Cambrian Clay and vegetable bio-ingredients accelerate healing of acne efflorescence, reduce imperfection spots and prevents from formation of the new ones. Contains antibacterial and cooling Mint, Chamomile that soothes and calms inflammation and irreplaceable, long time valued Aloe. Aloe concentrate demonstrates exceptionally high healing, cleansing, nourishing and regenerating properties. Spot application preparation, with fast, precision and intensive antibacterial, anti-inflammation and antiseborrhea effect.

How does Green Cambrian Clay effects on acne?

  • It accelerates surface desquamation
  • It cleanses and clears pores
  • It regulates excessive sebum secretion and prevents from its excessive accumulation
  • It facilitates healing mineral-herbal substances to reach the deeper skin layers

Apply the preparation two times a day. Put a thick layer of the preparation onto a skin where the inflammation occurs immediately after its occurrence. After 20-30 minutes rinse with warm water. Apply until complete disappearance of skin alterations.